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Meetings Coordinated by CIDER

The HSR&D and QUERI National Conferences give investigators an in-person, focused opportunity to present scientific findings, conduct roundtable discussions, and meet with colleagues in policy, clinical, and operations roles. The focus of all conferences is to address VA priority topic areas and facilitate the implementation of research findings into routine clinical practice. 

Recent Meetings

HSR&D supports the mentoring, training, and development of clinical and non-clinical researchers through the Career Development Program. The HSR&D Career Development Conference provides training, education, and groundwork for research collaboration to these elite scholars to provide them with the tools they need to become successful independent HSR&D researchers who will remain in VA with a commitment to addressing the healthcare needs of the nation's Veterans.

State of the Art (SOTA) Conferences bring together an invited, multidisciplinary group of VA and non-VA experts to synthesize what's known vs. what's needed about topics critical to the health and well-being of Veterans; promote implementation of findings that improve quality of care; and contribute to more effective management and more relevant research. A variety of post-conference products—based on SOTA findings and recommendations—are developed and disseminated both within and outside of the VA healthcare system. 

Recent SOTA

In addition to CIDER’s role coordinating these meetings, CIDER staff also support HSR&D's presence and investigator attendance at other professional society meetings, including the Society for General Internal Medicine, the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting, and the AcademyHealth data, policy, and implementation science conferences.