Center for Information Dissemination and Education Resources



CIDER is dedicated to supporting the dissemination of HSR&D research information and offering conferences and educational opportunities to VA policymakers, clinicians, and researchers. Our team is comprised of experienced, talented professionals with diverse, yet complimentary, expertise in:

  • information dissemination
  • strategic communications
  • writing, editing, and product development
  • conference planning and facilitation
  • educational and organizational development
  • project management
  • print and virtual publications production
  • web database development and management

Project Management & Administration

Director: Gerald F. O'Keefe, JD, MPH
Associate Director: Karen Bossi, MA
Administrative Officer: Rama Palriwala, AS
Program Assistant: Cynthia Cast

Dissemination and Implementation

QUERI Dissemination Coordinator/Senior Writer: Diane Hanks, MA
Writers/Social Media: Maria Hecht, BA, and Robert Auffrey, MA

Educational Development

Cyber Seminar Coordinators:
Heidi Schlueter, BS
Robert Auffrey, MA
Whitney Lee, MPH

Web Development

Web Program Manager: Charles Festel, BS
Web Information Architect: Portia Rivera, MA

ART Program (based in Seattle, WA)

Director: Jane Altemose
Program Coordinator: Jolie Bergman
Education Specialist/RHSS: Maria Anastario
Programmer: Tom Dyer
Programmer: Paul Westcoat